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Listen Herehttps://soundcloud.com/communityvoicesofchange/episode-3-jason-lee-founder-of-jubilee-project

Guest Background

Jason is the founder of Jubilee Project, a nonprofit production company that inspires young people to live for something greater. Jubilee Project has garnered over 30 million views online for various causes and featured in The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Mashable, The Queen Latifah show and more.

In his former life, Jason was a consultant at Bain & Company and worked for Clinton Health Access Initiative in Zambia. He was raised in Overland Park, Kansas and graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School.

Website: www.jubileeproject.org
Email: jason@jubileeproject.org
Twitter: @jasonylee_
YouTube: www.youtube.com/jubileeproject

For the story behind the Jubilee Project, check out this video — http://bit.ly/2nQJrKN.

About Jubilee Project’s Fellowship
Beginning with 2 months of remote pre-production and culminating in an intensive 14-day (July 31-Aug 14) fellowship in Los Angeles, Jubilee Project mentors and teaches a small group of twelve filmmakers to hone their craft and use film for social good. In previous years, our Fellows have produced narrative short films as well as 50-people-1-question style short films, and this year Fellows will be producing short documentaries. For more information on the Fellowship, check out http://fellowship.jubileeproject.org/.