Many of us have been influenced by mentoring. Perhaps, it was a long-term relationship with someone that believed in us, challenged us and was there for us in moments of pain and celebration. And there were likely mentoring moments that we have experienced that have shaped our thoughts, actions and results — those moments where someone’s words of advice spark a change in our perspective, when someone’s kindness reminds us that compassion exists or when we experience something that serves as a catalyst for change in our lives.

The anxiously anticipated Super Bowl LII commercials were full of mentoring magic, elevating the power of relationships and coaching advice that can shift our mindset, influence our actions and unite all people. Here were a few of my favorite Super Bowl mentoring moments…

1) The Champion — Carrie Underwood and Ludacris’ The Champion song kicked the night off reminding us all that we were “born to win” and even though we will get knocked down, we will get up again. Its our principles that guide us, that will help us to persevere, practice patience and lead with an attitude of optimism.

2) Stand By You from Budweiser — We all need the compassion of our neighbors and our basic needs to be met. As mentors and mentees, as neighbors, we must stand by each other, validate one another and remind ourselves that we are not alone on our journey through life. Budweiser reminds us of this through their water donation program which launched in 1988 and has donated more than 79 million cans of water to cities impacted by natural disasters.

3) The Unsung by Mass Mutual — From escorting a boy being bullied to school to opening one’s home to a homeless man to teens starting a lunch club so no one eats alone, there are compassionate individuals all around us — the unsung. Thousands of people everyday are mentoring others by opening their heart, by looking out for each other…by living mutually and acknowledging that we all have something to teach and learn from one another.

4) The Wonder of Us from Coca-Cola — A beautiful reminder that we were all born to stand out, to be ourselves…this commercial is a powerful mentoring message that our mission is not to be what someone else wants us to be. Rather, our mission is to discover the greatness within and to celebrate what makes each of us special in our own way. “No feet have wandered where you walked. No eyes saw what you see. No ones lived the life you live. No human has known your dreams.”

5) Good Odds from Toyota — No matter what obstacles we face in our lives…no matter how many times we hear someone say our goals are impossible…we must train our minds and surround ourselves with mentors that remind us to start our impossible, to persevere and never stop growing in pursuit of our dreams! Lauren Woolstencroft, who is featured in the commercial, is a powerful reminder that we can all beat the odds.

What were some of your favorite mentoring moments during Super Bowl LII?

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