Today is a special day. This morning I released the final podcast episode in my inaugural first season consisting of 12 interviews with incredible leaders from around the country. All 12 are incredibly accomplished individuals representing multiple sectors, have powerful leadership lessons to share, and serve as role models for all of us working hard to advance positive change. I am blessed to know each of these individuals and admire their determination, compassion and creativity.

Across all of our discussions, we talked about career pathways, innovation at work and lessons learned from managing people and projects. A common thread that surfaced was the power of relationships — our relationships with ourselves, with others and with our communities. It was relationships with mentors that have guided so many careers, opened doors and challenged assumptions. Relationships across sectors have strengthened and accelerated solutions to social issues. Relationships with communities have expanded opportunities for the most vulnerable, put strengths to work in unique collaborations and mobilized untapped assets.

It has been an honor to interview each of my guests, and I remain committed to helping raise awareness of the positive impact they are making. Be sure to check out each of the following episodes from season one — season two launches soon!

Episode #1 – David Shapiro of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership (on closing the youth mentoring gap)

Episode #2 – Kirsten Lodal of LIFT (on solving intergenerational poverty)

Episode #3 – Jason Y. Lee of Jubilee Project (on inspiring love through compelling stories)

Episode #4 – Amy McIsaac of Service Year (on the power of national service)

Episode #5 – Vivien Luk of Team Tassy (on accompanying families in Haiti out of poverty through good, dignified jobs)

Episode #6 – Eric Scwarz of the College for Social Innovation (on educating and inspiring the next generation of problem solvers)

Episode #7 – Danielle Holly of Common Impact (on leveraging skill-based volunteerism to strengthen communities)

Episode #8 – Deborah McKoy of the Center for Cities + Schools (on mobilizing youth as change agents)

Episode #9 – Talley Baratka of Impact 100 Richmond (on democratizing philanthropy)

Episode #10 – Gregg Behr of The Grable Foundation (on remaking learning)

Episode #11 – Melanie Brown of The Gates Foundation (on advancing equity and social justice)

Episode #12 – Anne Hernandez of The Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation / Youth Philanthropy Connect (on maximizing the impact of philanthropy with youth)