Napoleon Hill once said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”  Let’s face it, we all have good days and bad days.  Sometimes we believe in ourselves, have the confidence to tackle whatever gets thrown in our way, and focus on achieving our targeted goals.  And yet somedays are much harder to get through because we find ourselves losing faith in our potential, forgetting about our strengths and skills, and allowing others to bring us down with their judgements and jealousy.

The following are five sources of inspiration that I turn to when my dreams seem out of reach and achievement feels impossible. In their unique ways, these motivators jumpstart my engine again, getting me back on track and in line with what I am capable of achieving.  Our fire never goes out; sometimes we just need some kindling to reignite the passion inside.

Good Life Project (GLP)

The brainchild of Jonathan Fields, GLP is a quest that individuals of all walks of life around the world are on to live more meaningful, connected and vital lives.  The GLP Living Creed highlights the values, beliefs and aspirations of this global community that seeks to continually grow, be inspired, and belong.  From podcasts and videos to courses and events, GLP has something for everyone.  I value the insights shared on GLP podcasts with special guests such as Adam Grant, Sir Ken Robinson, Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown.

Finding Your Element (Sir Ken Robinson)

Perhaps one of the most inspiring and captivating self-help books that I have read in a long time, Finding Your Element by Sir Ken Robinson is a valuable tool for individuals seeking to discover their talents and passion in order to transform their lives.  If self-help books are not appealing to you, then consider checking out the book summary found online:

How to Be Happy – Secrets to Happiness (Brendon Burchard)

Many of us seek ways to be happier in our lives.  In this YouTube video, Brendon challenges viewers to consider how “common sense is not common practice” and therefore we lead over complicated lives that distract us from achieving maximum happiness.

The Ziglar Show (podcasts)

I remember listening to audio tapes of Zig Ziglar’s motivational programs while commuting to college and work for years.  His call for people to take action and make positive change in their lives has inspired over 250 million people globally and sparked the podcast series that integrates Ziglar’s wisdom with some of today’s top world changers.  The podcasts break down valuable lessons into digestible bites with real action steps.

Daily Mentoring with Darren Hardy

If you are looking for a quick motivational jolt to jumpstart your day in the morning, check out Darren Hardy’s Daily Mentoring.  His video messages, inspirational writing and short podcasts are delivered to your inbox daily before you even step out of bed in the morning.