Have you ever reached a breaking point? A moment when there is this energy that crashes through your mind, your body like a wave in a restless sea. You fight for the strength to retreat but instead the world witnesses you, uncensored. Your words and actions come gushing out, fueled by the desire to be heard, to be seen, to be understood. You either spread rage like a wild fire engulfing anyone, anything in your path or unknowingly commit, in a moment, to being authentic. In either case, you release yourself into the wild. You break free from the cage that you have settled within. Each bar representing a voice of discouragement; each lock reinforced by the excuses that you have made. And you spread your wings; you ruffle your feathers. You break your silence and release a passion for change. Your breaking point is a moment of restlessness where you no longer find comfort in excuses. You find freedom in your voice and actions.

You are restless for change. You want no more excuses. You are begging for authenticity. You are searching desperately for a platform on which you can stand with pride. You are yearning for acceptance and a commitment to embrace your diversity of thought, DNA, and dreams. Self-help books, motivational speakers, and the change agents that have come before you have fed you a vision of possibility leaving you hungry with hope.

It is your time to not back down but to stand up and speak out. Being silent is no longer an option. Complaints without solutions are like a drug that satisfies your needs in the moment but leaves you craving more, an addiction to negativity that will not seed change. If change is what you are after, then you must spark a movement in your mind that is energized by your heart and soul. Let your restlessness give breath to your body from your fingertips to your toes, sparking movement that tackles one step at a time.

Stand still and you will go nowhere. Dream small and you will delay giving yourself what is rightfully yours to cease. Close your eyes and envision your success. Focus on the feeling of pride that you have when celebrating victory, when overcoming adversity and showcasing to the naysayers how wrong they were in doubting your potential. Commit yourself to change and decisions aligned with your vision.

You are at a breaking point…no more excuses…be restless.