Hunter Hayes’ song, “I want crazy” sparked my inspiration for this blog post.  Instead of the focus on relationships that Hunter writes about in his lyrics, I took some of the words and challenged myself to consider the last time I was crazy.

He writes, “I don’t want good, and I don’t want good enough…I don’t want easy, I want crazy.”  These words made me pause and consider when I had last taken a big, bold step away from the status quo…when I let my passion uncontrollably surface through my words and actions without filtering or fearing the consequences of my authenticity being on display.

It makes me sad how often we starve the world of our stories and give power to an inner voice that disregards our own potential.  We let the judgments of others reproduce in our minds, suffocating our dreams and blinding us to the vision that is our purpose.

When we’re crazy, we disregard it all.  We bring our whole being to the table through our imagination, innovation and creation.  We differentiate ourselves from one another while simultaneously celebrating our interdependence.  We use criticism as fuel and rejection as motivation.  Most importantly, we don’t give up in the pursuit of something greater than what has been deemed possible.  Instead, we pursue with great fervor the impossible as an agent of change and miracle worker.

So let’s stop being safe and start being bold.  Let’s step out of our routines and predictable thoughts, and let’s be spontaneous.  Take a step off the beaten path and discover a new horizon.  Let’s put down the status quo, pass by the tried and true and challenge ourselves to innovate, to create something new.  Bypass the fear of judgment and rejection and embrace the spirit of entrepreneurs who seek to disrupt and deliver solutions that simplify and accelerate.

Let’s be crazy and different and break the rules that we have blindly embraced and never truly dissected to understand the “why” behind the words.  Let’s be magical in a quest to hear our naysayers erupt in a chorus of oohs and aahs.

Let’s plow through the “no’s” and “can’ts” and “shouldn’ts.”  Let’s shake out the fear and change the language in our minds.  And let’s surround ourselves with teachers, mentors and advocates that feed us inspiration and nourish our souls so that we can thrive by embracing the rawest form of ourselves.  Peel off the labels, tune out the destructive criticism and tune into our passion which breeds the stories that only we can create and share.