What We Offer

From classrooms and dorm rooms to community rooms and board rooms,
we are driving impact through effective leadership development across the talent pipeline.
Our youth, college and adult programming is customized to meet individual, team and organizational goals.

Training & Experiential Learning

Customized and engaging experiences that inspire, equip and move participants to action and influence change.

Speaking Engagements

Unique, inspiring and energizing engagements that aim to exceed expectations and maximize results.

Coaching and Consulting

Coaching and consulting that delivers differentiating results for individuals and organizations.

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Tell Me I Can’t…
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Who We Are

We close the gap between the desire for change and the action necessary to drive impact.
We believe that leadership development is a journey, not a workshop, and it takes time, discipline and practice.


We deliver tangible tools and resources in an interactive, hands-on model that equips our partners with what they need to drive results.


We have a commitment to continual learning, customization and innovation which enables us to drive game-changing solutions
with our partners.


We integrate existing and new knowledge, skills and behaviors to awaken the potential and maximize the results of our partners.

What are people saying about Daniel?

  • Dan was far more than a thoughtful, strategic steward of LIFT’s relationship with Capital One; he was a true partner in our work. Dan feels a very deep commitment to service, which helps him build partnerships with organizations like LIFT and connects him in a uniquely authentic way to our mission. He’s an inspiration!

    Kirsten Lodal
    CEO and Co-Founder, LIFT
  • WOW! He gave a lot of useful information. Very motivational! He really knows his stuff….

    Performance Institute Participant
  • If Daniel could present a week long workshop on his best practices, that would be worth the money….

    Performance Institute Participant
  • Dan has the unique ability to think creatively and strategically, and then translate those ideas into actionable steps that produce breakthrough results. His leadership abilities inspire others—he communicates passionately, he listens actively, he follows through diligently.

    Michelle J. Reese
    HR Business Consultant, NOVA Chemicals Corporation
  • Dan is an innovative presenter and trainer. His fresh ideas bring a new perspective to the students who have attended our leadership camp. Kids naturally enjoy his presentations and take away a great deal of knowledge and leadership skills they will use for a lifetime.

    Jackie Jaros
    RYLA Co-Director 7280 and 7300
  • I have had the pleasure of hiring Dan for a number of KEYGroup projects. He is the consummate professional researching his subject matter and client in order to deliver highly effective learning and development programs.

    Jan Ferri-Reed
    President, The KEYGroup
  • The first time I met Dan, it was so evident just how committed he is to youth leadership development and public service. Since then, I have witnessed Dan consistently maintain this commitment, with an infectious enthusiasm that brings people together and galvanizes them for a greater purpose.

    J.G. Boccella Ed.M.
    Founder, ConversationWe.com
  • I’m always amazed at how well Dan can interact, entertain, educate, inspire, and mobilize diverse groups of people including business and education professionals, urban youth, elementary school students and community leaders.

    Holly McGraw-Turkovic
    Former Director of Youth Programs, Pittsburgh Cares
  • Dan works with genuine compassion and enterprising spirit to enrich the lives of young people, revealing to them the positive consequences of nurturing their leadership potential. He develops innovative approaches to entrenched challenges. He is a dynamic communicator, creative educator, and instinctive leader.

    Kyle Kauffman
    Educator, South Western Senior High School
  • Thank you for an outstanding keynote session…We could not have been more pleased, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation to you…Thank you again for energizing our employees and providing them with the motivation to know that teams and individuals matter.

    Kathleen Walts
    Director – Office of Professional Practice – Department of Professional Learning and Accountability, Fairfax County Public Schools
  • Dan has that rare combination of dedication, passion, inspirational leadership, and razor-sharp organizational skills that consistently get results. If Dan is connected to a project I automatically know it will be high quality and make an impact.

    J.G. Boccella Ed.M.
    Founder, ConversationWe.com
  • Dan is an energizing leader who brings passion for service to whatever project that he tackles. Dan’s charisma, sincerity and caring nature were real assets to our team and made him very relatable to the teens.

    Leigh-Anne Weiss
    Former Community Service Director of Gateway High School (1993-2011)
  • Whether speaking, training or facilitating, Dan engages his audience and focuses on helping them to accomplish their goals and long-lasting results.

    Jan Ferri-Reed
    President, The KEYGroup
  • I have had the privilege of working with Dan as a partner in developing youth leadership programming over the course of many years. Dan is adept in not only organizing thought-provoking and meaningful activities and discussion but also at engaging the youth participants.

    Leigh-Anne Weiss
    Former Community Service Director of Gateway High School (1993-2011)

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